1939 Race

Fan interest in the July 4 edition of the 150-mile marathon for semi-stock cars received a big boost yesterday when it was announced that Mad Marion McDonald, the 21-year-old Orlando driver who ran the other racers frantic and the spectators wild with glee at his reckless antics in the March 19 race, had listed his entry for the Independence day grind.

The slender Orlando youth, who wheeled his yellow touring car around the turns and hurled it down the straight-aways in the March race, is one of the most daring drivers ever to show his skill and courage on the road-beach course.

The youthful daredevil had motor trouble in the March race and lost his lead when he tore up his transmission and couldn't change gears. He finished the grind, however, although he was out of the money. But the spectators, who watched the course intently for the sight of the yellow hood, felt that they had gotten their money's worth from his antics alone.

He has his automobile back in shape again now according to a letter received at race headquarters, and he'll be back to give the front runners a threat and the customers a thrill on July 4.