A Tribute to Tim Flock - by Ruby Duch

Tim Flock was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Tim, his brothers, Bob and Fonty, and his sister Ethel loved race cars. They loved racing, race tracks - anything about racing and especially beach racing. Tim raced through the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Tim raced on the beach; he raced on dirt tracks; and he raced on super speedways. He raced anywhere, anytime. The stiffer the competition, the faster the cars, the better Tim liked it. The roar of the cars, the smell of the gas, the heat of the engines, and the race to the checkered flag were glorious. Racing? "It's in a man's blood," Tim Flock once said. He followed the circuit and got his share of wins, but he was most proud of his record 18 pole positions in a single season and his two Grand National championships.

Tim frequently appeared at race tracks and other racing events as a goodwill ambassador. He had a special rapport with the fans, and they loved him.