Block: American-made passenger car or approved truck
Displacement: No limit
Bore: within limits of blocks used
Camshaft: any type allowed
Crankshaft: stock crank and stroke for series and model engine
Intake manifold: any type, limit 2 carbs
Carburetors: any type, air cleaner optional
Cylinder head: must be stock, catalogued. Compression ratio may be altered.
Ignition: must be battery distributor type
Pistons: must be engine manufacturer's stock
Exhaust manifold: any type manifold header
Water pump: Impellers may be altered
Valve lifters: any type Spark plugs: any type
Generator: stock or none
Starter: any type starting devices, either integral or separate unit;
no pushing or towing allowed.
Radiator: Any size core or expansion tanks. Radiator must not alter body shape of car.


Wheelbase: minimum of 96 inches
Tread: minimum of 53 inches
Weight- important: total dry weight of complete car must not be less than 6 pounds per cubic inch of engine displacement.
Premium pump gasoline must be used

NASCAR sponsored the Speedway Division for only one year.