Ethel, named after the gasoline her father used in his taxi, was the youngest daughter in the Flock family. Closer in age to her brothers than to her sisters, she shared the interests of Bob, Fonty, and Tim.

In 1948 Bob built New Atlanta Speedway just outside Jonesboro. To attract larger crowds, he invited Ethel, Sara Christian, and Sara’s sister, Mildred Williams, to race at the new track. Ethel drove Fonty's modified car and raced in more than 100 races.

With a few exceptions Ethel limited her racing to the Atlanta area. One of those exceptions was the July 10, 1949 race at Daytona. She drove a 49 Cadillac to an 11th place finish in a field of 26 -- ahead of Herb Thomas, Curtis Turner, Marshall Teague, Buck Baker, and her brothers, Bob and Fonty. "She particularly loved racing with and beating her brothers," said Tim.